Welcome to bar 91

The story of Bootsy

For those of you familiar with Bar 91 you’ll have no doubt noticed our goatee wearing, afro bearing mascot above the door. We call him Bootsy as he is a ringer for 70s funk master Bootsy Collins. He has sat perched watching over staff and customers for two decades and I bet he could tell a few good stories on what he has seen over the years!
But his story is of two customers coming in for lunch with him and when asking for the bill realised that they had not enough cash to pay so they left him as a deposit and promised to return. Well poor Bootsy waited patiently and is still waiting for his original owners to come back for him, but we think he is probably a lot happier lording it up over all of us in the Bar than getting dusty in a loft somewhere.

“A modest bar tucked away in the cobbles of the Merchant City, popular with young professionals.

Bar 91 is cozy with a rustic décor, whilst the stone floor sets it apart from the endless miles of wood in other bars. It enjoys a robust lunchtime trade, serving chunky sandwiches and salads overloaded with greenery. When the gray skies clear Bar 91 opens out onto the street, bringing a little café-style drinking and dining to Glasgow. Burgers, pasta and pizza dominate the evening menu which is available after 6pm when it takes on a more romantic feeling with candles and dimmed lights.

In an area famed for all things new, modern and stylized, Bar 91 brings a welcome touch of rustic food and drink.”

– the skinny


“This abiding bar has been pleasing an eclectic mix of lunchtime diners and night-time revellers for 16 years with its successful blend of a laid-back, unpretentious vibe and quality bar food. Décor is understated with a rugged and industrial feel thanks to stone floors and brick walls adding texture and warmth, and features made of vents and heaters, all dominated by a huge pipe sculpture.

The superior pub fare is down to well-prepared quality ingredients from local suppliers. Starters and sharers include plates of nachos piled high with chicken, beef or veggies and sour cream and jalapenos.

The all-day burger menu features the basic burger – a pleasingly irregular beef pattie, succulent and meaty – as well as chicken, lamb, Italian sausage and spicy bean options.

A few mains include tortillas, stir-fries, smoked haddock, and bangers and mash, with additional specials available. In the evening the menu is trimmed down to a variety of deftly handled pizzas and big plates for sharing as well as salads and pastas. In clement weather the bar’s frontage opens up, allowing diners to take in the prestigious surroundings.”

– the list